The Cloud: SPE3C3

Singapore Polytechnic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Cloud Computing Center

SPE3C3 is the data center in which our project resides. It is based on cloud computing architecture, giving us all the advantages of a cloud environment:
  1. scalability
  2. on-demand provision of virtual machines
  3. support for multiple operating systems and devices
  4. energy efficiency as a green data center
  5. mobility - ease of access
  6. data security
Built with Cisco, NetApp, Citrix, and PTC Systems as technology partners, the commercial value of SPE3C3 amounts to S$2.5 millions.

SPE3C3 has achieved a number of firsts:
  1. The first educational cloud computing center in Asia Pacific region, designed to train students in data center management, cloud computing, and system virtualization in an operational environment.
  2. The first cloud center to simultaneously launch 240 server virtual machines within a 10-minute window.
  3. The first cloud center to aid cloud computing lessons with hands-on experiments on commercial-class cloud center infrastructure.
  4. The first educational cloud center utilizing the same hardware used by commercial cloud service providers like Singtel PowerOn and Amazon EC2.
Students will be able to simulate systems consisting of multiple servers and clients; test various softwares; without worrying about their local computing platform, or corrupting their machines.

It normally takes 1.5 to 2 years to train a graduate to operate a data center. With SPE3C3, Singapore Polytechnic graduates will be work-ready as they are equipped with Data Center Management and System Virtualization modules.

SPE3C3 serves as a platform for collaboration with industry partners and academia on cloud computing research and green IT projects, as well as being a reference site for the industry.