Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Videos: Running Cloud Applications on iPad

NI Multisim was one of the many software suits that frustrated us as freshmen. As EEE students, you can't not have Multisim installed on your machine. I still remember waiting for hours to install it. And even before that, waiting for days to secure a service ticket at the notebook support center.

In great contrast, now, with software loan portal, you just tap it and it runs beautifully.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Software Loan Portal on iPad

Configuring hosted applications on xenapp was a pain in the ass. That's why I always smirk when people say providing hosted applications is the easier solution compared to streamed application. [Cue for Felix and Soap to start chiming in.]

But seriously, getting our streaming profilers up and running was relatively easy. We managed to get streamed applications working as soon as we got our xenapp active. Although yes, as any other typical Citrix product, there were hiccups here and there, the amount of frustration we got from setting up hosted applications was unbeatable.

[I'd like to remind you that we had no prior experience with Citrix products. We really started from scratch scratch. I have no idea how many Citrix white papers and articles we shoved down our throats. And how we did it.]

To cut the long story short, after weeks and weeks of research, suspicions over our licensing, error messages, and frustration, we got our hosted apps running beautifully. And guess what the problem all this time was? XENAPP HOTFIX! *shakesfists

Obviously there's one particular reason why we wanted our apps hosted. What else if not support for Apple iPad? [May Steve Jobs rest in peace.]

So here, please take a peek at Software Loan Portal in action - on an iPad! Since we're computer engineers [wannabe], what can be better to kick off the demo than running a humble compiler like codeblocks? [Commemorating 2 semesters of C++, and may Dennis Ritchie rest in peace.]

It's about time to surprise that person sitting next to you on the subway. Get him to think you're playing angry birds while actually... you're coding your OOP mini project that is due in 5 hours!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RINC 2011

Another promotional presentation at RINC 2011! Riding on the fame of SPE3C3 (haha) we were featured as one of the rather interesting student projects for conference participants to see. I'd so post pictures here tomorrow of the guys presenting our software loan portal at the lab!